About This Blog

I never envisioned myself as a "blogger."  I wondered if it was narcissistic to expect people to care about my thoughts and reflections.  Then I realized that blogging was not only more for my own benefit, putting in writing my thoughts and musings, but also an invitation to hear from others, should they choose to participate, as they share similar experiences and the same and different contexts. 

That being said, I confess: this blog is for me.  I have found that there is a need in my life to interact with theology, culture, ideas, personal experience, travels, education, faith, struggles, church, God, etc. in a way that transcends my context as a youth pastor working with adolescents. As much as I enjoy my vocation as a youth pastor, another outlet is needed to dig deeper into life, faith, and (my) Christian experience that challenges my heart and mind.  So this is it...

I also hope that this blog can be for us.  I hope that you and others can dialogue with me about these posts.  I cannot and should not do life alone.  Encourage. Critique. Struggle. Debate. Question. Laugh. And above all, push each other to move  faithfully in rhythm with the good news that in Jesus the world is being put to rights.

I am unfinished.  The world is unfinished.  Maybe somehow, someway, this blog can be an opportunity to be strengthened to continue to live into the new creation that is both already here and yet to come.