Papers and Sermons

These are sermons that I have either worked on or delivered within various contexts. Other sermons can be found on Sound Cloud here. 

Disciples Packing for a New Exodus: Mark 6:1-13 (on-line title: "Freedom from Clutter")

Galatians: Paul's New Narrative of Freedom (Galatians 1 // May 30, 2010) Text Video

A Lenten Meditation on Ash Wednesday (February 2010) || Text Only

Beattitudes Remixed (January 20, 2010) || Text Only

Clothed for the Resurrection Parade (Colossians 3 // December 27, 2009) || Text Only

Home for Christmas (Isaiah 61 // Second Sunday in Advent 2008) || Text Only

Forgiveness as Jubilee 

These are papers I have written
(I apologize in advance, the format is a google document so it may be a little rough):

Karl Barth and the Doctrine of the Word of God: The Beginning and End of Missional Proclamation

Religious No More by Mark Baker: A Critical Review

The Next Evangelicalism by Soong-Chan Rah: A Brief Review

Poverty, Liberation, and Christian Scripture